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My Dream Girls

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For several years now, I’ve wanted to get some chickens. Just a few, that can roam around the yard, lay a few eggs. These are the breeds I’d like to get:

Barred Rock

Buff Orpington

And of course, my girls would need a fashionable place to stay –

Now, if only I knew someone who could build it for me . . . hmmmmmm.


About sharon

I'm a mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter. I have three 20-something boys, a full-time job, and a dream building project on the Oregon Coast.

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  1. Love that you are doing a blog!! We’ve had both barred rocks and buffs- the buffs are by far the kinder bird- much more cuddly šŸ™‚

  2. I share this dream with you Aunt Sharon šŸ™‚ Are these breeds very broody?

    • I think the Buff’s can tend to be broody, but my friend says they’re also cuddly. These two breeds are supposed to be good for our area – hardy.

      • My friend just told me about lavender orpingtons. They are beautiful! Apparently the buffs are the common ones and the other colors are rare, but a woman in Washington has been working on breeding the lavender ones. Google it, I think you will like them!

  3. Thx Joani – I did, and they’re spectacular!


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