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I Blame Pinterest

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You’ve done it . . . we all have. You find a recipe or a craft on Pinterest and think, “OMG, I have to try this!” I have 11 boards with nearly 500 pins right now, including this one from Annie’s Eats:

Cornmeal Waffles with Salsa and Egg

So I gave it a try. It was actually very yummy, though not as photogenic as Annie’s.

So then I got to thinking . . . what else could my waffle iron tackle? How about biscuits and gravy?

Delicious! Then I remembered a Pinterest recipe for Banana Bread French Toast and . . . you guessed it! Banana Bread Waffles!

Tasty, but didn’t hold up as well as the biscuit dough.

Now, on to dessert – (coming soon to a Pinterest board near you)!

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