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If I Clean, Will Spring Come?

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Anyone else have those January winter blahs?

January 8 snow scenes _2

Earlier this month, we decided to get out of town and head west to find some sunshine. We stopped in Yakima to celebrate my brother-in-law (and fellow family outlaw)’s birthday. I love staying with Midge and Dale, because it’s like spending a night in a B and B. Their home is always clean and beautifully decorated, the bed is inviting, and Dale’s fried eggs on toast are worth the trip alone!100614_fried_egg_on_toast_fork

I was inspired, as I always am after a stay in Yakima. So last weekend I threw on my sweats, scrunchied up my hair, cranked up the iTunes and set to work. Time for a good pre-spring cleaning! Now, when I clean house, it goes something like this:

1. Strip bed and throw sheets in washer
2. Load and run dishwasher
3. Begin vacuuming living room

(notice I’ve already been in 4 different rooms?)

4. Run upstairs to throw sheets in dryer and start more laundry in washer
5. Answer text from east coast daughter
6. Put water on to boil for pasta salad
7. Finish vacuuming living room and bedroom
8. Make bed
9. Empty dishwasher
10. Cook and drain pasta
11. Answer text from sister
12. Put away various DVDs and books lying around
13. Decide to organize bookshelves and DVDs
14. Finish pasta salad and clean kitchen
15. Talk to sister on phone

You get the idea. But eventually, the house does get clean and I love it!


The Great Pumpkin

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I love this time of year – technicolor leaves, crisp mornings, and pumpkins. When our kids were little, we’d go every year to their Papa’s house to pick out pumpkins. We’d haul them home, bring them in the house to warm up, then the next evening we’d carve jack-o-lanterns. Even as I type this, I can smell pumpkin guts . . . don’t you?

Ours were never this creative, but check out these examples of Halloween pumpkins:


And my personal favorite,


Happy Halloween!






Still Time For Some Good Summer Reads!

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I can still remember my “aha” moment in first grade, when I discovered you were sent to the library if you had a cold and couldn’t take recess outside. Ever since that time, books have been my constant companion.  But now, I take my books outside with me, especially in this great summer weather.

I’ll read just about anything, from biographies to history to chick novels to mystery to . . . well, you’ll see when you take a look at my summer reading list. Tell me what you’re reading this summer!

Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff

When The Cat’s Away . . .

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Hubby’s away, working on the Cottage Project, so I have a few days at home by myself. Yes, I’ll miss him . . . but, now’s my chance to do some things I probably wouldn’t when he’s here. (They’re all G-rated, I promise!)

1. Popcorn for dinner

Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn

2. Spend as long as I like at the library

3. Take my morning coffee on the patio (I actually do that when he’s here, but it’s so nice I had to include it)

4. Spend WAY too much time on Pinterest

5. Go out for sushi with my boys

Wasabi Bistro’s Red Dragon Roll

6. Watch movies he wouldn’t mind missing, like The Artist or Brave

Any other suggestions?


Summer Lovin’

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Summer loving had me a blast,
Summer loving happened so fast . . .

I’m about to make a confession . . . I think Grease is one of the all-time best movies, EVER!

I know it’s a little cheesy, especially when Frankie Avalon croons to a Didi Conn beauty school dropout, but it’s fun.

So when I heard it was being shown at the INB Performing Arts Center as a sing-along, I rounded up my bestest-girlfriends for a night of hand jivin’ and greased lightening.

(sorry so fuzzy – random stranger took this photo on my phone)

I got chills they’re multiplying,
And I’m losing control . . .

I guess I’m not alone in my adoration. There was a plethora of poodle skirts and greasy DAs in attendance (if you don’t know what that means, ask someone from the Greatest Generation, or an aging Baby Boomer). And when John Travolta turned into the camera with that cig hanging from his mouth and those gorgeous blue eyes looking straight through you, every Pink Lady in the house whistled and cheered.

You can have your Rocky Horror Picture Show or whatever form of audience-participation entertainment you choose, give me a good old-fashioned, boy-gets-the-girl musical anytime – cheese and all.

We go together
Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong

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