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Out With the Old . . .

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I have lately found joy in purging. Minimizing. Cutting out the clutter. Sweeping away the cobwebs. Downsizing.

Anticipating a possible move in the near future, I’ve been looking at my home and my life with new eyes. How did I accumulate so much “stuff”? Do I really need all those books and DVDs? Will I ever refinish those chairs, or complete that stained glass window?

Nope, so it’s gone.


And I find that same breath of relief when I begin to examine and eliminate bad habits – snacking in front of the TV, a glass of wine right after work instead of a 15- or 20-minute project, impatience in traffic. Just “stuff” accumulated over the years, but absolutely unnecessary.

This is a good perspective. I think I like it.


25 Random Acts of Kindness

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Beginning Sunday, December 1 I’ve committed to 25 acts of kindness. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Deliver a boxed lunch to a friend
2. Leave a handmade Christmas ornament on a co-worker’s desk with a note
3. Candy cane a parking lot!
4. Bring hot chocolate to a bellringer
5. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
6. Leave a treat for the mail carrier
7. Generously overtip on lunch
8. Tape quarters to machines in a laundromat
9. Give a child a balloon
10. Take stuffed animals to a pediatrics ward
11. Take small door wreaths to residents in an assisted living facility
12. Play Christmas carols on the piano at the mission
13. Put together a care package for a college student
14. Collect makeup samples and toiletries¬†for a women’s shelter
15. Donate blood
16. Work a shift at the local food bank
17. Feed random parking meters
18. Hand out mittens and hats to homeless people
19. Send flowers to a friend
20. Anonymously give a Christmas coin jar filled with my spare change
21. Deliver donuts to my mechanic
22. Donate books to a women’s and children’s shelter
23. Bring a treat for my co-workers
24. Purchase toys for kids in need
25. Purchase $5 coffee cards and hand deliver them randomly at the mall

Let the Christmas cheer begin!

June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

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Can I just say, I LOVE this time of year? Everything is green and blooming, it’s not too hot, the days are long.

Coffee on the patio in the morning, a glass of wine on the deck in the evening.

Tomatoes looking great!


Baby blueberries on my new bushes (aren’t they cute?)


Wish you could smell the roses and mock orange!


Think I’ll sit a bit and contemplate my next project. . .


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