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The Great Pumpkin

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I love this time of year – technicolor leaves, crisp mornings, and pumpkins. When our kids were little, we’d go every year to their Papa’s house to pick out pumpkins. We’d haul them home, bring them in the house to warm up, then the next evening we’d carve jack-o-lanterns. Even as I type this, I can smell pumpkin guts . . . don’t you?

Ours were never this creative, but check out these examples of Halloween pumpkins:


And my personal favorite,


Happy Halloween!







Pistol-Packin’ Mama

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I know I’m a day late with this post, but I was too busy all weekend, having fun with my Mom and with my boys!

This was my 25th Mother’s Day. On May 11, 1987 I wrote in my journal:
Bill woke me up at 4 am to tell me Jayce was awake.
Ate doughnuts and Coke for breakfast.
Saw a grandmother smile at me and my baby and feel like I am now part of an exclusive club.

And here are the 3 boys that put me in that club –

So, on Saturday I and my sisters took Mom to yard sales and lunch – it’s become a tradition, one I look forward to every year.

Here’s what I bought

Relic bag for summer

1928 radio cabinet that aspires to become a wine cabinet

Then, on Sunday all 3 boys attended church with me (awwwww!), followed by a pizza picnic on the lawn of Pedals 2 People, where Jayce works, and then . . . the shooting range! They started me off with a .357 Magnum (made my teeth vibrate!), then a .22 handgun with a scope, a Baretta 9mil, and finally a 1911 .45 (my favorite of the 4).
And yes, I can still shoot – here’s the proof –

If zombies ever attack, I’m ready!

Ahhh, Spring!

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It’s that time of year when a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to . . . treehouses!

That’s right, Son#1 is building his own treehouse. It must be hardwired in his DNA – his family tree has all kinds of builders, woodworkers, and architects among the branches. I have to say though, it’s an impressive treehouse –

Notice the slide from the first landing, the custom windows. The inside is equally as impressive –

I believe he has plans for carpet soon, and siding on the outside. Housewarming party to follow!

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